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RESET After Drink
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After drinking alcohol the body needs additional water and food supplements, including vitamins and amino-acids. Use RESET during or directly after alcohol consumption, just before going to bed. RESET contains a combination of selected vitamins and amino-acids. RESET contains choline. Choline supports the clearing activity of the liver.

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Gemiddelde waardering: 4,2
I was very suspicious but i purchased this product anyway. I am a chemistry student and recognised the science behind what Reset are selling. I used this before i went to bed on a stag do when i was 10 out of 10 drunk. When i woke up the next day i felt perfectly fine with no hangover! Cant belive it! Can they be shipped to the UK! I love it
Very good!
I was in Amsterdam over the weekend, I had a 10am flight on Sunday back to UK. I purchased this at 3am pure impulse buy as i saw the shop in red light and was curious. Got back in bed 4am after having the drink. Woke up at 8am to get taxi to schipol. Felt really good and not that bad. I had alot to drink that night and was mixing.
I feel like this did not help me with my hangover. I feel like shit and I think I've bought some shit as well..
I'm hoping I can order some to be shipped to Washington, DC. Tried this when I was in Amsterdam this year and it def works. I'm certainly not about the hangover life - need more Resets please!
10 out of 10
This worked a lot more than I thought It would so I would like to be able to order a big batch of them an send them to England if it's possible ! Loved it